Rapid Results Through
Custom Built Lead Lists

Set More Meetings.
Close More Deals.

What We Do

Our focus is finding the highest quality contact data possible for your team through our dedicated Lead Research Representatives.

  • Company / Account
  • Full Name Of Contact
  • Contact’s Title / Position
  • Contact’s Email Address
  • Contact’s Phone Number
  • And More

Benefits versus a traditional lead attainment source:

Real time, focused, updated and validated information.

Not outdated lists. A dedicated extension of your existing team.

Why Data Junkies

Let Us Do Your Busy Work

Today your team is challenged by updating mundane, repetitive contact information. We will take that burden off your team and allow them more time to expand your business through sales activity. Your reps didn’t get into sales to update spreadsheets. They want to win deals.

Optimize Your Sales Reps

Empower your reps with turn-key lists of decision makers quickly. They no longer need to endlessly search for the correct target audience. We find the correct contacts and the correct contact information including name, title, company, e-mail address, phone number and more. Focus on your sales process. Fuel your pipeline.

Save Your Money

An average Sales Development Representative costs anywhere between 20-45/hour with salary, commission, insurance, 401k package, office space, sales tools and more. It doesn’t make sense to be paying them to update a CRM system for this kind of cost.
(If they are even motivated enough to update it in the first place.) Let us save you $12-37/hour on average.

How It Works

Reasons to Use Data Junkies

  • No more cold outdated lists
  • No more complaints about needing to update the CRM manually
  • Less sales representative burnout from tedious tasks
  • Make the most of your human capital spend
  • Talented Excel specialists versus novice sales reps
  • Save wasted time and effort
  • Focus time on results driven activities
  • Save money
  • Empower your team
  • Create a winning culture
  • Manage your pipeline with predictability
  • Made for organizations of any size
  • Fuel your pipeline
  • Qualified leads are more likely to convert buyers
  • Sales resources are limited and should be optimized
  • E-mail lists degrade at 22% per year
  • E-mail marketing provides an ROI of 4300%
  • Bad data quality leads to low deliverability and open rates
  • Annual corporate turnover rate is 19%

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(Individual Plan - 450 Validated Leads)     

$750 / month


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(Team Plan - 1,500 Validated Leads)

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